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I didn't put this up on a Web page earlier because there were still players in my game who had Abyss Power. They've both left now, so I don't think it will hurt if I post this.

The Abyss and the Amberverse

Back at the beginning of the game, when a long-gone player set up his Shadow, he asked that it be inhabited by evil cults of Trump Artists. I always love it when players give me evil ideas, and the evil idea that ran through my head was this: Trump Artists open Gates, don't they? Who's the Key and Guardian of the Gate? IA YOG-SOTHOTH!

I decided that eons ago, there wasn't even pre-Logrus Shadow. I can't even conceive of what the Amberverse, which then was part of a greater whole of dimensions, was like. There was one region of somewhat lesser randomness. Lesser enough that one might actually be able to observe chaotic (as opposed to completely random) behavior, with the faint hope of something actually predictable.

When this was found, Those Beyond weren't certain what to do with it. Well, most of Them weren't certain. The being later known as the Serpent decided to lay claim to it, aided by the being later known as the Unicorn. To keep everyone else OUT, the Serpent created a barrier almost as chaotic as the beings it guarded against: the Logrus.

For eons, Those Beyond beat at the barrier, getting nowhere. Even the weak points of the Logrus were too strong. Then another power was created. The two of them interacted, of course, sometimes cancelling each other out. Even in the nodes, though, the barriers were too strong.

Then one day, some fool of a Trump Artist reached through from the other side....

Abyss Power - The Points

I'd like to thank James R. Palmer and Semion R. Sellers IV for helping me with the design of this power. Help yourself to a copy, but remember to give us the credit. Fans of Gideon Weinstein's partial powers lists will recognize this format. For those of you who aren't used to it, I'll explain as I write. Costs of powers are given in square brackets.

# Shapeshifting - 35 points , Chaos Psyche, Chaos Endurance. These things are absolutely required to purchase any Abyss Power at all. The Abyss is so mutable that one would not survive it without Shapeshifting. Chaos-ranked Psyche and Endurance are required to survive the stresses of Shapeshifting.

[15 ] Attunement to the Abyss - Allows one to survive immersion in the Abyss as well as be nourished by it. An absolute prerequisite for purchasing any other Abyss Power.

Now, we have four branches of the power: Trump of the Mind, Summon Abyss, Abyssal Influence, and Instill Abyssal Energies . Trump of the Mind covers the powers the creatures of the Abyss use to move through it. Summon Abyss allows a character to open tiny holes in the Amberverse to the Abyss, with various results. Abyssal Influence applies the characteristics of the Abyss to other things. Instill Abyssal Energies should be obvious. A character could buy powers from only one branch of Abyss Power, or it could buy powers from all four branches, or some other mixture.

Trump of the Mind - these powers allow one to move through the Abyss, perceive it more clearly, and alter some of the energies perceived.

Summon Entropy - Allows one to call forth the powers of the Abyss. This is only the stepping stone to the later powers.

Entropic Influencing - By calling forth the power of Entropy you can now use its destructive nature to influence Shadow, create pathways between Shadows, and destroy whole regions of Shadow.

Instill Abyssal Energies - At this level one can call forth the powers of the Abyss and instill them within oneself for defense and attack.

If one wants this broken up into Basic and Advanced Abyss, I think it would look like:

Basic Abyss Powers:

Attunement to the Abyss
Summon Trump of the Mind
Abyss Sight
Entropic Breach
Summon Flotsam
Item Storage
Taint of Entropy
Abyssal Well

Advanced Abyss Powers:

Trumps of Desire
Trump Defense
Trump Disconnect
Summon Abyssal Creatures
Mold Shadow
Create Abyssal Tunnel
Call the Abyss
Soul of Oblivion

Abyss and Other Powers

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