Advanced Conjuring, you say?

Well, first, you'll recall that initial description of Conjuring, splitting into 4 basic types, yes? That still pretty much holds.

Conjuring is mainly used for convenience matters. Not the `point items', but just..a chair, say, or some food (it takes less energy to Conjure than you get from eating, so as long as you're in places where conjuring is possible, you needn't worry about starvation). Even a sword can be had, though it'll be average quality.

As an Advanced Conjuror, however, you can, almost as quickly (a second or two, somewhat dependant on size and complexity - a ring is faster than a house, while conjuring up a mountain takes some real time) Conjure up items with..well, okay, a single point. An Extra Hard dagger. A little bird able to Trail someone through Shadow. A shield, perhaps, or even a shirt, Resistant to Normal Weapons. What have you.

I know, one point total is pretty limited, but for near-instantaneous, it can be very handy...considering that the same would previously have taken about an hour. Note that these very minor ones are now simple enough for you as to count as Complex conjurations - which mainly means they're harder to disrupt, though even those tend to fade pretty quickly as moved through shadow. (Still, see on...I want to organize this better than it will be if I just ramble through.)

Still regarding your basic quickies, you can bring them in at some distance. Normally, if you conjured, say, a dagger, it inevitably appears on your person. Now you can make it appear, say, on a table a little ways away. Exactly how far, like most other things, may vary according to Shadow, but as a rule, figure maybe up to 25 feet away. Can't put it INTO anything yet, though, and remember; size slows things down. (Conjuring a boulder right over someone isn't yet feasible for you - it'd take too long to fully bring in, so they could see it forming.)

Also, you can conjure energies. You could do that before, putting the time into it, but nothing..continual. Now you can, say, be your own flashlight, or even do a fair electrical current or a self-fuelled (rather, you-fuelled, fire. [these are essentially considered as being up to a 1-point damage level, which is going to be a somewhat, for example, hotter fire than normal but not by too much] This does TAKE energy, however. A simple flashlight or a bit of a glow doesn't take too much; something blinding, or something actually damaging, takes more. You could maintain a campfire-sized flame for several hours before getting too tired, but a real bonfire would wipe you out more than proportionally fast, especially if you were holding it at the higher intensity. [You can keep yourself comfortably warm without too much trouble, btw...though obviously, how much it takes on the heat-conjurings also depends on how much cold you're needing it to fight off.]

Those are the actual tricks. Mostly added conveniences and better parlor tricks, yes, but I'm sure some practical (and probably nasty) potentials are already brewing in your mind. <gryn> I don't want to tell you EVERYTHING I've thought of for it; make you do the work. Hehe...

The rest mostly comes to increased speed and durability. In addition to pulling up those really minor ones fast, you can also do the more difficult least fastER. The Shadow Shapes {almost anything you'd like, but fade out relatively quickly, and will dissolve completely at any significant change in Shadow environment} only take you...maybe 35-45 minutes, as opposed to the usual base of an hour. And while a normal Conjuror's would break down in...well, it varies wildly by Shadow. Say you're in a semi-`friendly' one, where it would usually last for a day if you did it. As an Advanced Conjuror, yours would last several days. (In your OWN Shadow, since you know it so well and have the point of Control, you could keep it there indefintely, and make it even faster. But that comes more under Shadow control than Conjuring, actually.) [And even 45 minutes, for a few days, in a single Shadow...well, against the Real, that latter especially is a serious limit, but if you ARE contained within one Shadow {and therefor most especially in dealing with Shadowfolk}, this means in 45 minutes you could bring up a 44 point Dragon with about the works. (Shadow Travel and Manipulation don't work so well with Shadowshape creatures..though they can get up to the 2 point Shadow Control without much trouble. Changing or moving through reality is just going to result in their disruption, though.)

Similarly, your Empowerments don't take as long; your preparation time is cut fully in half (15 minutes), while your ability to add in Qualities and Powers is at least lessened. (harder to pin down precisely; figure maybe 4 and 8 minutes per, respectively. {Qualities are vitality, movement, stamina, aggression, damage resistance, damage, intelligence/communication, psychic quality, and psychic resistance. Powers are Shadow movement, Shadow control, Self-healing, and shape shifting.} Making it a permanent change (which actually includes some resistance to changes in Shadow-environment), I'm afraid, still takes up to ten times as long, depending on how much stronger you want; taking the full time ends up significantly stronger than an equivalent period done by a non-Advanced Conjuror, of course, especially in that increased ability to move through Shadow. {Still limited, however - this dependance on environment is what keeps Conjuring and Sorcery from being counted as Major Powers, despite the fact that within their domains, they can actually do quite a lot more than those same Powers in many cases.}

As far as the Complex Conjurations go (flat out creation of Point-items, which won't fade out...and while the additions (point-level abilities) will fade out pretty quickly as it's moved through Shadow, the core item will still exist. {say, you make a Deadly Damage enchanted sword. It's really nasty where you made it. If it had been a Shadow Shape, the whole thing would fall apart and leave you completely unarmed if you went anywhere with it. A Complex Conjuration, however, merely becomes a more ordinary sword, and if you go back, will still act as Deadly there.} Some degree of cheating IS possible with these; your teacher mentioned it to you...Complex ones can potentially be given the ability to MATCH themselves to Shadows. Still imperfect - a Magic sword isn't going to be able to match itself to a purely Tech Shadow (reverting to an ordinary sword until it's back around some magic), but by far an improvement. It requires at least some Psychic Quality (to sense the environment; if it's only 1 point, this is indeed all it lets it do) and some Manipulate Shadow (itself, really - two points of this, for matching to realities. So a couple extra hours of Conjuring, but oh, so worth it. <gryn>)

Okay, now back to your benefits. That would take most people about 3 hours, as the standard base time for a Complexie is an hour a point. You run..well, 40-45. Which adds up, especially on the bigger ones. {The ones that you wouldn't otherwise have been able to stay up for. Conjuring is considered `activity', so it's hard to keep up for the time it takes to do the *REALLY* neat stuff on this level...that Dragon, for example, at about 30 hours now (down from almost 2 days) is probably just within your range, but you'd be wiped out. You normally have enough Endurance to generally stay up for several days, but that's like spending the whole time jogging.}

And you're better at that cheat. For a regular conjuror, those changes necessary might slowly twist the item as well. I, as the Evil GM, could decide that to match THIS Shadow's magic, it had to suddenly develop a malignant personality. {<snyker>} YOU can keep an eye on things, and guide it along. {This also means, if you can spare a bit of added attention, that you can skip on the Sensitivity and just give it the ability to change while you feed it the information. For the record, you wouldn't be at all good sensing that sort of thing without a Pattern Imprint.}

Finally, and this is REALLY REALLY nice, you can potentially do 8-point levels. These are the good things. However, you can't put more than one 8-pointer in a given item, and, well, this IS pretty tough to do. Takes longer, and is just generally, yeah, tougher. So figure it for very special occasions. (An 8-point damage sword is the obvious, then maybe adding the 3 for inter-Shadow sustainment {which will have the usual limits, of course} - be a very nice item, and well worth putting that Advancement into Conjuring rather than Pattern. But...*shrug* Not perfect.) Precise effects get more variable with more points, so if you have ideas, lemme know and I'll see if I think it's feasible.

It's Psyche that determines how long things take and how durable they are. Additional Psyche will allow for more instantaneous 'points' and lots of other goodies. Contact me for more.


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