MaBarry's Amber Links: THE FAQs

I've had my link pages up for a very long time, and I've been asked enough of the same questions, that I should probably set some of these matters straight, right from up front...

When Do You Update Your Site? [new Feb-3-01]
Why Do Some People Have Your Old URL?
How Do I Get My Pages Added?
  • What Do You Look For?
  • What Won't You Add?
  • Other Quibbles
Why Should I Link To Your Site?
  • What Other Pages Do You Recommend? [new Feb-3-01]
  • Should I Use the Mirror Site?
  • and How Many Hits Do You Get, Anyway?
Who is MaBarry and Why Is She Doing This Anyway?

When Do You Update Your Site?

I update my site fairly irregularly. Other projects I'm involved in unfortunately take priority. I would like to update twice a month, but have not been able to spare the time. There are a WHOLE lot of Amber Sites but I already have most of them, and only so many are added or removed each week.

This is why I've decided to offer the links to the public editing of a WIKI. I can no longer take this responsibility on my own, and I offer everyone the opportunity to make changes, delete old links, add their own, add commentary as necessary. I'll be moderating where I can, of course, but I expect we'll all make it work.

Just so you know, I added each site by hand. I have my favourite little DOS text editor, and I had to schedule at least 6 hours for each update, including checking the links (again, by hand), searching for new ones, and adding or subtracting from the pages. With my life, a good six-hour chunk is hard to come by. The Wiki WILL make it faster!

Why Do Some People Have Your Old URL?

KDM Consulting Services took over all of the A-Z Tech sites, which was my second home for this index. Then my pages at KDMCS went down. (If you find something redirecting you to "ABWAM.COM" it is a very old site, indeed.) This is one of the reasons I created the mirror site; as we own the domain, you can be sure to get the current URL for my pages (although I am generally hoping to stay here, you know how things can change.)

How Do I Get My Pages Added?

Now it's up to you.

What Do [I] Look For?

In a page? Original content. My PERSONAL focus is on New Powers, so I like those. However, the usual notes on building a web page apply:

  • Make it Useful to and Directed at Your Audience.
    (If it's a campaign... is it a resource for you or your players or just a showcase for the cool stuff that's come up? If it's a power page, is it well-indexed? Design it with your focus in mind!)
  • Make it as Readable as Possible.
    (Fast-loading, large type, good indexing techniques.)
  • Make it Pretty.
    (Whatever you can do to not break the second rule is good!) I recommend against a rainbow background.

What Won't [I] Add?

Pages which are simply link lists, booksellers, anything that isn't free (unless it truly amuses me), an index to all AmberMush/Patternfall/etc. pages, and I try not to link to material I know is copyrighted outside the web, which includes most Trump and Tarot images. [I have a couple exceptions there for various reasons (the Amber Dictionary, for example, is very much enhanced by their Trump images.)] There are a lot of pages out there that merely mention Amber. While I used to include them under the "individual's pages" category, I found that to be honestly, a waste of time. If the page has content otherwise, I'll add it under the appropriate place, but I don't really have the time to keep up with an index of all Amber players there have ever been on the web.

(If you do, however, talk to me, and I'd love to make an arrangement so we can share links, maybe like Wendi and I used to do.)

Other Quibbles?

You simply cannot know how much I am beginning to hate free sites with pop-ups, and a bazillion cookies. I will keep linking to them. I know not everyone can shell out the money it takes to get real web hosting. I know there are programs to suppress the pop-ups, and an upgrade to my browser that never accepts cookies...but I just wanted to say that I was really, really, really getting to hate them.

I especially wanted to mention just how much I hated pages on places like Homestead, which are all written in a pseudo-JAVA style which makes them practically unreadable on any machine which does not support it. I would honestly prefer the 8 or more clicks-against-cookies of, say, Tripod, over that particular free site. Since I refuse to change my parameters to make someone's site happy, I understand I will just have to grit my teeth and bear it...but this is my quibble section, so I feel I can complain.

I may change my policy to include not listing Homestead sites, so if you want to be listed, you may just want to reconsider using them for your space provider. I would be happy to offer other recommendations.

Why Should [You] Link to [My] Site?

Beats me. *I* think I've done a pretty good job here, but I do this for myself, not to please other people. I keep saying that because, frankly, this is a hobby. I used to say that the moment it starts to become real work, I don't want to do it anymore.

That's not true anymore. This is it, basically. Wendi took down her showcase, the Golden Circle is completely uncategorized, and, well, I'm it. Which makes me feel bad when I don't get a chance to update as often as I like... which makes me feel bad because I'm suffering a little bit of Amber burnout.

Anymore, I AM here for the community. It's worth doing this to keep a little bit of Amber alive...

What Other Sites Do [I] recommend?

For Amber Links? There aren't many, anymore, but I guess I can recommend:

I do have more sites, but the Golden Circle is a dandy project that you probably want to be a part of...and besides, some people like different layouts than my pages. That's cool.

How Many Hits Do [I] Get, Anyway?

I have topped four-thousand a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. That was for my ENTIRE site, however, (the majority being these pages, but I do have some scenario pages, some odd secret stuff, and some wedding photos for the family.)

Who is MaBarry and Why Is She Doing This Anyway?

The biographical details are sketchy. I am the wife of the LintKing, I am the mouse-winner for two cats, I am a devout Mortijinglist, and I am infamous for most of the wrong reasons.

I started this list for myself, and because I thought there were more games worthy of notice than had been (gratuitously) linked... I keep doing it because I'm crazy and want to be the best.

Last Updated February 3rd, 2001