Parasite Logrus

it was with much trepidation that i embarked through the small door that marked the entrance to the logrus. i had believed myself ready for anything, borne of my own psyche, or of Suhuy's twisted sense of humor, and had thusly undertaken the option of initiation this day. all preparation had been made and it had been left to me to learn which paths to take to gain in its power.

Suhuy had been acting most peculiar, and there had been suspicion on him since he had been caught consorting with the grand traitor Barimen, though it was something so obviously innocent as a chess game. ( =) ) the strange degeneration of any elder keeper of the logrus was thought to be festering in him, and it would not be long now, as all of his students knew, before he would be removed from his office in the most traditional methods.

the paths danced before me in a haze of heat and humidity, and my eyes attempted to adjust for it. there was a spicy scent to the heat, something faintly...cured more than rotten. 'haut gout.' it irritated my delicate sense of scent, as i was unable to shift it out.

i adjusted for the slight upwards slope, feeling the cavern slightly rubbery under my feet. it was somewhat moist, and the color was difficult to focus on in the darkness.

the air moved around me in a fetid gust as i achieved the top, only to see a strangely throbbing doorway. it was lighter than the others, and closed and opened in a rhythmic fashion. the unaromatic breezes seemed to originate from there, but it fit the pattern i had memorized to the center. i passed between it, trying to ignore the mucuslike secretions it left upon me as i squeezed deeper into the caverns.

i immediately noticed the strange wheezing sound, and then it was upon me. millions of tiny creatures enveloped my body, indescribable and horrible, and then, blissfully, all went dark.

the logrus.

the parasitic logrus infects the body in two ways, first, many of the creatures of the groupmind known collectively as logrus burrow into the psyche. it is this distinguishing taint that trump artists pick up on when they draw logrus into a card, and why a shapeshifter cannot truly mimic a logrus master. second, the venom begins a change which is deadly to non-shapeshifters, but if properly converted (i imagine a very _Dune_like moment) adjusts the hapless victim to the groupmind, and allows the usage of the recognized logrus powers.


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