==== Additional Powers for ADRPG =====

===== Pattern Powers =====

==== Fire Pattern ====

* Fire Pattern C. Odekirk's Fire Pattern

* Fire Pattern by Joshua Susser

* This Fire Maze picture may make a good visual representation.

==== Broken Pattern ====

* Representation and Vortex from the Shards campaign.

* Alternative Broken Pattern by Casey McGirt

==== Corwin's Pattern ====

* Corwin's Pattern and some possible
    * Powers of Corwin's Pattern by Tony Jones

* Corwin's Argent Rose Pattern information by Arref Mak

* Land of Roses, an extensive supplement by Timothy Ferguson

==== Jewel of Judgment ====

* The Three Jewels of Jvstin's Strange Bedfellows.

* The Jewel of Judgement by Arref Mak

* The Jewel of Judgement by Tony Jones.

==== Pattern Misc. ====

* Pattern-Based Shapeshifting by Tony Jones.

* Why Three Patterns? an essay by V. Griffen.

* Or perhaps you're interested in a description of Pattern Welded Swords from history?

===== Logrus =====

==== Fixed Logrus ====

(No Current Entries)

==== Logrusless Chaos ====

* Black Pathways an alternative to the Logrus by Tony Jones.

* Space Shifting by Tony Jones.

* The Madness of Chaos another alternative to the Logrus by Tony Jones.

==== Unusual Logruses ... Logri ... Logren ... ====

* Parasite Logrus by ariawort

* Logrus: the MindThreads of the Serpent by Arref Mak

* Elemental Logrus by Tony Jones

===== Trump =====

==== Trump Essays ====

* Advancing Trump Ronnie Order's thoughts on advancing Trump.

* Trump Questions for Your Campaign an ongoing series of questions designed for developing Trump in your campaigns, by the Fierce and the LintKing, and input from many others.

==== Trump as (and) Tarot ====

* Amberites and the Tarot by J. Jerlstrom

* Trump Tarot power by Tony Jones

==== Other Trump Powers ====

* Gateway by Casey McGirt

===== Shapeshifting =====

==== Essays on Shapeshifting ====

* Some Notes on Shapeshifting by Sol Foster for the “No Final Curtain” campaign.

==== Shapeshifting Rule Variants ====

* Shapeshifting Variants by Tony Jones

* Lycanthropy by Tony Jones.

* Phagy Powers by Andrew Aitken. I'm tempted to call these the “Gourmet Menu” powers

* The Madness of Chaos an alternative to Shapeshifting by Tony Jones

* Multiman by Tony Jones - two shifting

* Strange Bedfellows Shapeshifting by Jvstin

==== Possible Shapeshifting Resources ====

* Transformation Stories a multigenre list of transformations

===== Sorcery =====

==== Sorcery Discussion ====

* Combining Magical Powers by Tony Jones.

==== Sorcery Variants ====

* Artifice from AmberMUSH

* Sorcery from the Dreams of Paradise campaign

* Shade Sorcery from the Jeweled Amber

* Ka: Living Radiant by Arref Mak

* Hexery from the Jeweled Amber campaign.

* Creativity by Tony Jones

* Blood Magic by Garvey

* Spell Point system by “the Fixer”

* Realms and Sources of Power from the Ancient Secrets campaign

==== Sorcery Laws ====

(No Current Entries)

===== Spikards =====

“The band was wide, possibly of platinum. It bore a wheellike device of some reddish metal, with countless tiny spokes, many of them hair-fine. And each of these spokes extended a line of power leading off somewhere, quite possibly into Shadow, where some power cache of spell source lay. Perhaps Luke would rather have the ring than the sword. When I slipped it on, it seemed to extend roots to the very center of my body. I could feel my way back along them to the ring and then out along those connections. I was impressed by the variety of energies it reached and controlled - from simple chthonic forces to sophisticated constructs of High Magic, from elementals to things that seemed like lobotomized gods.”

* Spikard Secrets - an intriguing essay by Arref Mak

* Spikards of Unicorn no Seishi

* Spikards of Forth the Nine Riders

===== Power Words =====

(none currently)

===== Conjuration =====

==== Advanced Conjuration ====

* Advanced Conjuration by the Lintking

* Empowerment via Tony Jones

===== Rebma Alternatives =====

==== Mirror Magics ====

* A Study and Exploration of the Wicked Stepmother's magic Mirrors

* Rebman Mirror Magic Spells by contributor Tony Jones

* Mirror Control a Trump-like power by Tony Jones

* Mirror Wright by Arref Mak

* The Power of Rebma by the Fierce

===== Abyssal and Tir-Na Nog'th =====

==== Abyssal Initiation ====

* Abyss Power by J. Jerlstrom

* Abyss Power by ariawort

* Abyss (saved from geocities)

==== Tir-Na Nog'th Powers ====

(none currently)

===== Yggian Powers and Undershadow =====

==== Ygg ====

(none currently)

==== Undershadow ====

* the UnderShadow by Arref Mak

* Moonriders of UnderShadow by C. Odekirk

===== Faerie Powers =====

* Faerie Book of Spells by Wendi Strang-Frost

* Fae Rites of Power by Arref Mak

===== Non-ADRPG Canonical Powers =====

* Chi Focusing (a bit down the page) from the Nine Princes in Hong Kong campaign!

* Dream Walking from Strange Bedfellows.

* Earth Sense from the Jeweled Amber campaign.

* The Gleaming from the Empire of the Gleaming Banner campaign

* The Moonriders Out Of Ghenesh by Tony Jones.

* Portals from Jvstin's Super-Secret Strange Bedfellows GM Information.

* ShadowNet Powers

* (Shadow) Tempest from the Empire of the Gleaming Banner campaign

* Ty'iga Demons by Tony Jones

* Weir Heritage The ability of being a Weir. There is also a Weir shadow travel ability based on singing. Credited to Garvey and Jeff Bailey.

* Shroudlings a look at Shroudlings as Player Characters by the Fierce

===== Item Alternatives =====

* Creature and Item Creation by Tony Jones

* Alternate Item Rules by Casey !McGirt

===== Shadow Alternatives =====

* Personal Shadow Creation by Tony Jones

===== System Alternatives =====

==== Partial Power Systems ====

* Amber By the Book from Peter Millers' terrific referenced Amber changes

* Metal Rules contains some interesting partial power interpretations.

==== Edits and Mods ====

* REvised Basic Mechanics for Amber

* Mike Sullivan's Amber Tips

==== Almost ADRPG


* Future Tense

* Decision-Driven Gaming

* Amber LARPAmber Alive!

* Nobles Of Amber by Yoric (WebArchive)

==== Dicefull ====

* Using Dice for Patternwalks and others from ShadowNet

* Amber d6

* GURPS: AMBER How does GURPS MAGE: THE ASCENSION convert to Amber? Still… Check out the Pattern Seeking rules.

* Ambria from Archive.Org … in French