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Campaign Quotes!

There are few things more fun than gaming quotes. Some people believe they're necessary to demonstrate the "feel" of a campaign. If so, we're in trouble, now. One of my old favourite quotes is from a page which no longer exists:

Amber: "Where diceless role-playing means the GM can screw you over without faking the numbers."

Session Quote Examples were taken in no particular order.
Quotes are in order of campaign name, alphabetically or so.

All Good Things

"I should kill you now..."
"Pull me through & kill me there!!"
--Julian and Phillip

All My Sins Remembered

"How do you bloink, Richard?" - Michael
"Well, first you need a fleeble..." - Rick

Amber Cold War

"Madness in great ones must not go unwatched." - Mandor

Amber: The New Order

"No offense taken, Prince Caolan, I'm sure a son of Vey could only be using a figure of speech when calling someone else a 'Son of a Bitch'." - Morgan

Amberway (The Original)

"Given a choice, six out of nine winged serpents choose new Honey Behemoth." - Dave

Amberway II

"My client believes that if Aristotle had written The Amber Campaign instead of The Poetics, he would have said not, `Character is fate' but `Cosmology is Plot.'" - Jim

Ancient Powers

Fiona to Bleys after seeing Kali : "One of yours I suspect.""

And the Children Shall Lead 1998

"And where did you run into him?"
"A street corner. In nowhere."

Andy Inman's
"Pain-O-Rama" Game

"I don't follow your logic, but I know what you mean." -- Steve to GM

The Borders of Sleep Nick (Bard) - "Dammit, I wish I was conscious."
By Any Other Name
(Convention 1999)
"Are you from here?"
"I don't think so, no. I came here. I don't know how."
Cracks in the Foundry GM: "They invite you to dinner at the inn, with what little they have."
Stef: "You get a crumb."
Jason: "A piece of toast and a pea."
(Taxes exist everywhere.)

(Sparse Quotes)

"What kind of a scream - pain, pleasure, fear?" - from A

Forever Far From Home

"What would you say if I wanted a hug instead of being picked on tonight?" -Jill
"I'd say this is like any other day of disappointment in your life." -Jason

Ghosts and Shadows

"I need a favor. Well, actually, it's an order." -- Random
"It's only an order because you have a crown." -- Ulysses
"Yeah, and if you go to any Burger King in Shadow, you can have one too, although it won't do you much good." -- Random

House of Cards Quote Site I
House of Cards Quote Site II

"We hope it is suitably inhuman." - GM on Chaos


"Without ardent daily worship, Daeon is simply not Daeon." - Steve

Ill Met in Amber (Convention, 2000)

"Redecorating with intent." -- Stormy

Infinite Shadows
(Sparse Quotes)

" far as the seating, I thought I asked for the no pets position... You don't see me in here with the horse I rode in on." --- Prince Marduk (During Dinner)

Jeweled Amber

Bleys: "You know Ben, it isn't regicide to wish we had strangled him in his crib. Really. I looked it up. It is lese majesty. Regicide is if we actually kill him. Which, for the record, I am not in favor of. Now a little lese majesty might go a long way toward preventing regicide, don't ya think? Besides, it was just Old Mink! What is a little psychoactive alcohol between brothers! It was funny wasn't it! Come on! Let me out!"

Loose Ends

Random: "If it interferes with the universe, it interferes with me."

Lost and Found

Dylana: "i like breathing.. i've grown rather fond of it over the years. it'd be a pity to have my own uncle remove that facility"

Many Paths
(Many Quote Pages)

GM: "Like all the Chaosites, this one seems to have modelled his human form after Brand."
Bernie (player): "That's kind of annoying. Maybe we should send Flora to stay with them for a couple of months."

Mathemagician's Journal

Quotes 8/97
Herth shoots a pain-filled glance at God. "Is THAT why I had to be here?!?"

Minion's Quotes

"You now have an inert Trump." - GM
"They make great coasters." - Saint Raven

Mikey's Game

"Next time you decide to open a trump gate between two different Patterns, please don't do it in the same shadow as me." from Dalamar.

Outrageous Fortune

"Did Vixen cause you any trouble?" -- Felix
"You mean, did she hit me in the face? Did she leave me unconscious and bleeding on the forest floor? Yes!" -- Whimsy

Point of Order

"I just saved Fiona's life. God, that hurts." from Claudia.

New Blood, Old Wounds
(Hosted by K. Fazzari)

"I've dealt with demons, I've sold my soul to the Serpent, but I haven't really felt like scrubbing the dirt off until now." -- Quynn to GM, upon seeing Brand

No Final Curtain

"How long have you been in the service of the great god Issek?" -Sterling
"Six weeks, give or take a month." -random priest

Oh my gosh! It's Quotes!
(Random Assortment)

(from Mike's Game)
Ericol: "Do you remember what it was we said about Bardok?"
Narrator: "A name synonymous with evil throughout shadow."

Shadows Without Light

GM: "She looks unconscious, but that's only because she's lying limp on the floor."

Silence and Silver

"Go to hell, Fi, assuming that they've lowered their standards somewhat ...." -Cairbre

Sleeping with the Enemy

Slush 1
Slush 2
Slush 3

A Tale of Blades: Amber

Adria: "You left Benedict in your other pants."

A Tale of Blades: Chaos

Geryon: "I'm just your local, neighborhood god."
Tristan: #34;I'm so dead."
They Might Be Redheads Suhuy : [Examining an empowered knife]
"It doesn't seem to be intelligent."
Dairmaid : "Well, it always was a little dull . . . "
Things in Heaven and Earth "I suggest you fuck the Unicorn, it's the only way to save yourself." -- Megan

Kris Fazzari also maintains links to AmberCon and other quotes off her page -- check it out!


The Tragical History of Eric, King of Amber

By Maya, very well-recommended as a good look at Eric's personality.

Max's Change by Zachary DeAquila.

Another piece of Amber fiction...

Poetry Based on the Characters
from the Amber Series
by "Maya"

Check out her Poetry based on Amber Characters
From Campaigns
as well.

More Real than Real

a Daria/Amber crossover fanfic. Really.

Gallery of Stories

by the CoRE Module at Binghamton University


The Amber Darwin Awards

Because Even Immortals Do Stupid Things.

Ask Dworkin

Doesn't the Jewel of Judgment look JUST LIKE a piece of candy?

Amber Humour

Includes, 'How Many Amberites Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb.'


The Amber List Alternative... with Goswick stories, lollypops, sdadown, and all sorts of unusual diversions.

Ask Aunt Flora

Aunt Flora answers your questions with the flair that ONLY Aunt Flora can manage...!

Also try All-Occasion Greeting Cards by Aunt Flora!

You Might Be a Redhead If...

...if your parent has tried to destroy the universe [at least] once.

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