February 23, 2010

It's Dark In Here

To... Anyone
Day 368
--left on the ledge of a prison window and picked up by a bird

There is a thin shaft of sunlight that peeks from the bars of this cage.

I keep telling myself they cannot keep me here if I do not want to be here. I am a scion of Power. I have my eyes, my wits, my strength.

I may be shorn of my family, and there's doubts as to my soul.

They cannot keep me here.

But I cannot leave.

--Big D

February 24, 2006

shopping terror

from the papers of Prince Naturaelusus

hard rations for 40,000
ballista and crews
50 smiths
500 wagons

1 quart blood
1 eye
1 raven

13 xha

combine dry ingredients and mix with enemy in field
mash wet ingredients together into pulpy stew

drink stew without swearing

sing with xha until fog of war is light and crisp

131th day of regency

June 7, 2005

What's Up Doc?

To His Highness Prince Martin
(approximately a week and a half after the reply is received:
Day 118)
(royal courier to Amber spy route used again
perhaps he is getting complacent?)

Why didn't my father finish the job?

Don't worry,
the knife in question
star-traced runes
and old blood
has gone missing.

Do old wounds ache
or burn?

The blood of thousands
stains my hands.

Don't let yours be but another drop in the sea.