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I'm officially moving my blog over here and joining the rest of you. SSS.net is certainly very shiny and I'm still working out all the various things that can be done.

I'm thinking about a redesign of my blog (I like the current one, but I can't get it to look right in some browsers), but that's a bit further down the track when I've worked out how to make it look the way I want. I'm also going to move the archives over from my blogspot blog soon. Any tips on the best way of doing so much appreciated.

That's enough pontificating, everyone have a cookie.



Hi neighbors,

Does anyone know anything about RSS feeds? They are supposed to allow syndication of blogs so a person using LJ can have our blog posts show up on their friends page. Does MT have this ability? A friend of mine who lives in his exclusive LJ world was saying that he wants to read my blog but since its not on his LJ, he forgets to check it. He was wondering if we have an RSS feed.

That's a Dozen

A dozen people with access to "Deck of Realities," that is. You should all have the ability to modify the template if you're interested and/or you have suggestions or ideas for it.

Testing 1, 2, 3


Zempt found through Ginger's comments, Google, and some help to get going from MaBarry. Seems more like a word-processor, since it has spell-check, paragraph justification, and other doodads. It also allows writing posts to many blogs, on different servers even. You can save posts until a later "send to blog command".

Nice to have all the passwords and log-ons in one place (which you could do on your browser as well.) I'll let you know if it really is something better than the MT normal interface.

No, I Mean It...

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I mean it when I say you can ask me questions. I even take stupid questions and don't point it out when it's stupid. Please don't feel like you can't ask me anything you might need to know about the server, etc. Make me feel useful or something. [laughing]

While tracking down stuff for "MT: Blacklist", which sounds like a plug-in we will need, I found a format that I like a lot.


Note the comments here are all posted timewise for both Trackback/follow-up and comments to entry. You get "posted by" and "posted on" in the same list. There is also a 'color change' to visually break the two types from one another.

This is a swell idea. If we had it, you wouldn't have to worry about separate clicks for Trackback (as opposed to comments).

Isn't that neat?

Lost Dierdre Trump

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I don't have a lot of artistic skill to contribute, but I do have a rare trump of Dierdre (more of a sketch), done by Michael Kucharski. I won it in a contest at one ACUS. She's in a proper gown, standing before a window with a sliver of the moon in the night sky.

I mentioned this to MaBarry, and decided that I would write him an e-mail and ask if he would mind if I scanned and contributed it, giving him artistic credits of course.

Through the Looking Glass


Hi Everyone,

This is kind of neat, we have our own little neighborhood. Liz, James, Arref, and Her Majesty MaBarry-

Like James, I am taking my own first stumbling steps, though I am a little behind the learning curve than he is. This weekend's goal is to get some solid material up. Then I'll start to tinker.

Just wanted to say I'm glad to be part of the neighborhood!

Excerpt Tricks

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Since I've been doing the track-back and RSS feed things, please note that what you put in your "excerpt" box can control it. For example, on the right hand side of this blog, where I have excerpts from the latest of your blogs (something I'm planning on moving to the main page) the excerpt status (how many words, via setup, or what's in the excerpt entry) can make a difference. If you have any questions (I don't think I'm being exceptionally clear) please ask!

Logo Details

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On the Wish List:

Logo for "Deck of Realities" for the front page. I've taken the liberty of adding logos for everyone else so far, but I'm just not feeling up to the creative task.

Deck of Realities

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I've opened the 'Deck of Realities' with a few Rebman Trumps (unpublished 'til now.)

Claimh Solais


Just posting to let everyone know that the newest SkySeaStone blog is taking its fledgling first steps over here. I want to make some changes eventually, including adding the topic list on the sidebar and a nice banner, bu right now it's really late. Way past my bedtime. G'Night.

Possibilities and Plug-Ins

If you would like any of the following, let me know -- they're easy!

"Extended Entry" javascript roll out (on almost all of my blogs: check it out on "Deck of Realities" instead of going to a separate page for the "more info.")

Last comment listing.

Author Icons.

Provide a link to IM an entry with AOL Instant Messenger

Limiting Comment Text

Recent Searches

Entries with Most Comments / Visitors with Most Comments

...if you see it on someone else's MT blog, let me know; I can probably make it happen.

Backing Up

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Something you might want to remember:

Export your blog regularly.

...and save it to your disk.

While I have some back-up utilities I run occasionally, this is really your responsibility. It will also let you import entries if you run Movable Type on your own server someday.

When you're in the blog maintenance screen, under "utilities" you will see an "import/export." While the export works a tiny bit better under Netscape than IE, you really can use either to save your blog.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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