We have over 3100 entries on the site total.
We have several active blogs, a few whom I'm going to have to talk to their authors about...(the suggested rules to SSS.N included a "dead blog" notification that, due to personal issues, I've been lax in indicating.)


How do you do this?

When you're in the blog screen, there's an "IMPORT / EXPORT" option on the left. You want to EXPORT and SAVE the results.

Thank you!


That would be saving as a html file, yes?

No, no, no, no, no! Thank you for reminding me to be more specific. Save it as TEXT. That way it can be loaded quickly into ANY MT installation.

OK. big clue here to all.
I've been saving this info for months ...but IE has a bug. Yes, MT fellas tell you right there in the notes that IE won't save the info properly.

I thought the HTML was ok and didn't read closely enough.

Now I have a good save through Mozilla.
Warning to all!

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