in the Shadow of Greatness


August 15, 2003

Fair and Balanced Friday

The Neal Pollack Invasion :: Fair and Balanced Friday Which sounds a lot like Freaky Friday to me. OK, here goes—the balance to this blog you've all been waiting for. Look folks, the freakin' Chaosians just want their frelling icon back which was stolen by you bloody idiot forkin' scions of a freaky hunchback at the instigation of a two-leg-frelling mute magic horsey decidedly not innocent of all but malice. On top of that, you got yourselves a nice Grand Doohickey in the basement at no cost while the freakin' Chaosians are stuck with the mind-ream called the Logrus. Give 'em a fair and balanced bit of a frelling break would'ja? Thank you. [tip of the hat to Jvstin]

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