in the Shadow of Greatness


August 12, 2003

Keeping Things In

I called this Keeping Things In when it originally went out on the AML

mmm. uh, hey list have we ever done this as a thread before?
that key
the one that hangs *outside* the Pattern room, keeping "things" inside?
what's up with that?

survey says:
1. A damn easy place to find it, when you need to keep someone off the Pattern. "Martin, go lock the Pattern room and bring me the key."
Makes the next question, who designed that lock?
2. Patternghosts can't get out, so Patternghosts only happen when Tir is in the sky.
3. Those little luminous fish in the tiny pond in the room? Osric and Finndo. Serves them right, but need to keep the door closed, just in case.
Seriously though, anyone made an interesting quirk of this in-game?

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