in the Shadow of Greatness


November 27, 2001

Cassandra's Diary - 20

Cassandra's Diary.20
Ah. The motivation of Vivian knows no bounds. Log 20 has been enhanced for your viewing pleasure with the second half of the play session. Vivian is going to school, (homework, schedules, classes), working full time, (pressure, schedules, politics), and also stopping by regularly at my house to play Amber. Somewhere in all that—she faithfully logs these little diary moments from notes furiously added after her character turns. Great gal. The year in the Eternal City is 1599 AP. Well, then we occasionally have other sessions with Players who used to be regulars in Eternal City. We loosely refer to it as our Eternal City+10 game. Past holiday weekend, Stargazer, Melinda, and the young ones, Jacy, and Rhia, all piled into the house Friday night for an all-day Saturday gaming session. Vivian got off work about 2pm and Anne fetched her from 10 miles away. So around 3pm, Aunt Cassandra showed up and joined the game. In the Eternal City+10 game— Kai-Revere is just turning 10 years old, even though he was just born in the regular campaign. I had a blast watching Viv react to her son's perspective. Seeing Amber kids try to outwit their parents is too much fun. Someday—I could see running a kid's only Amber. But my take on the canon is that very few of the Elders were kids at the same time—even within full sibs.

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