in the Shadow of Greatness


November 21, 2001

Buying a Dress in Amber City

Hey, btw
Below entry is just the most recent turn for SB. There is no easy way to lurk the game—and for some reason, I found it amusing as hell for a princess of Amber to be unable to buy a dress in Amber city. One of the things I love about Strange Bedfellows is that Paul, our hero-GM, never balks when I throw him a curve. I'm sure in most campaigns, an amberite would mind tap the shopkeeper, or pull 'rank', or resort to, "do you know to whom you are speaking?" This would make things easy for the GM too. But not only do I find that situation rather cliche—but our GM deserves better. Instead, he gets a scene where a intellectual orphan princess gets to reflect on her street origins—and the Ball gown becomes a challenge, not just a walk-thru bit. Love this game.

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