in the Shadow of Greatness


October 9, 2001

Caer Umbra

Gentle viewer— let us take a tour of Caer Umbra, home of the Darkweir clan. It is a fabulous place. On this night of the blood moon, the caer is lit with a mellow purplish color. The inky stones of the foundations are blended with the soot-colored stones of the main walls. If we circle the palace, we see that the foundations are laid in the shape of an equal sided pentagon. No accident, that's true. It is early evening and the staff and family are awakening to take their measure of the new night. An amber glow fills one grilled window, then another. The storm clouds have held off this evening, making the high ground of the caer seem less forbidding. The steepness of the road's fall down to the city does not permit carriages to approach without resort to High Sorcery. But we were about to enter the caer. The drawbridge is constructed entirely of cold iron, deadly to most enchanters. Even with protection, there are many fey beasts and Pretenders that cannot cross that lowered bridge. Immediately inside is the office of the Clerk of Dooms, where we might make an appointment to see Her Majesty, Queen Rakshasa. Let us move onward. This hallway which runs from the front ward to the main stair is paved and grouted with the bones of the enemies of Queen Odessa, may she rest in peace. Every pale surface is a testament to the strength of Umbra and the passion of the defense of this realm. The supporting arches are said to be carved to the mimicry of the Ash World Tree.

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