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October 5, 2001

Amberite Fertility

From: "Arref" Date: Fri Oct 5, 2001 5:15 pm Subject: Re: Difficult Change Adaptation Poll —-
> "Arref" wrote:
> > Then again— how many Amber campaigns address Amberite fertility?

> "M T Fierce" wrote:
> I've seen a number of players who have used it to make
> their character more powerful. Something of "growing your
> own allies," combined with some other advantages.

I've run into one player that tried this. I couldn't figure out if he thought he was really adding strength to Amber (in the loyalist sense, as it seemed) by making sure that kids were born and 'accelerated' out in Shadow... or whether he was dynasty building (personal power). An element built into my campaign is that amberites cannot have children because they are 'missing' important information from their Chaos antecedants in order to be properly fertile. This ties back to the canon example of Oberon having plenty of kids, but none of the Elders having any. It helps focus the story, as it did for Zelazny, and exceptions being statiscal irascibility is a nice random factor for the GM to backstory. In campaign, some of the experienced characters have found the missing info because they made a point to.

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