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August 3, 2003

WISH 58 :: Metaplot

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 58: Metaplot: What do you think of metaplots (plots developed in the rules and supplements published by the game company)? Are they good, bad, or indifferent? Have you played in a game with a metaplot? What was your experience?
Checks watch. "Late. Oh dear." Good thing I have nothing incredibly interesting to say about this one. MetaPlot as meta-marketing is a turnoff (especially if someone actually expects that You are using Their milestone events to progress your game.) This perhaps because I have never run a game that didn't draw story from the Players. MetaPlot as inspiration is incandescent. If you care enough about 'Star Wars' or 'Three Musketeers' or 'Dragaera' to want to spend time there in RPing—-so much the better. If you can share that fiery excitment with others— my hat is off to you, for that is why stories have always been shared about the fire: to light the dark corners of the mind. Now write me a MetaPlot where I can juggle elements like a conspiracy game, or exchange personalities of major NPCs, or even explain that something everyone 'knows' is true in history is not quite fully true—and I'll tip my hat to you. Erick Wujcik did a good job of this in 'casting' the Amber Elders three or four ways each and just letting the GM's imagination run. But in order for MetaPlot to work that way, some folks would have to spend huge amounts of time building up NPCs to be the "real stories" of those MetaPlots. That could be fun. YMMV.

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