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July 29, 2003

Oberon's Last Orders

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Subject: AMBER final battle :: Oberon's Orders —-
> captain feedback wrote:
> Now for Benedict, the assault (on the Courts —ed.) was all about Pride.
> He needed to prove something, and so we know why he wanted to attack.
> But Oberon? Why did he order the attack in the first place?

(fastens last bits of armor on, moves into firing range)
Oberon has at least three foes to contend with in the repair of the Pattern:

1. Dworkin - The Pattern is Dworkin, Dworkin is the Pattern. Oberon must repair his father, and the painful fact is that he believes that even if he is successful, Dworkin may succeed in flailing about, damaging important elements of Amber. Oberon counts on succeeding and living through it, because that is his nature, but he also plans for what happens if he dies or Dworkin is maniacal in the repair. Dworkin must not have easy access to his children, because each of them carries a bit of Amber and its Pattern in them. To remove his legacy, his children, from Dworkin's easy reach, both during the repair and after (in case of failure) is an important part of this strategy. Removed from reach, they are still an asset to Amber, within range of the repair, they could be a liability. YMMV

2. Chaos - The Lords of the Living Void - The Lords of Chaos, the Logrus Masters, are the modern incarnation of power in Chaos. The modern Chaos as it attacks Amber's shores through the Black Road. But Oberon is not worried about the Logrus Masters, those canny Lords of Chaos are more the concern of his Children. He is worried about any remaining Lords of the Living Void, those contemporaries of Dworkin and himself who might still remain alive in Chaos. These beings represent an older arcane knowledge, and one that has fallen into obsolescence since the more sophisticated uses of the Logrus have been perfected. But while Logrus is little use against the Pattern, the Lords of the Living Void understand a deeper rhythm to the older states of the universe. When the Pattern is vulnerable, these beings may reappear; if there are any remaining. And Oberon must assume that some may remain. They might not all have died in the creation of the Pattern, or the subsequent millenia. Oberon's orders to attack Chaos are twofold here: engage the Logrus Masters, and initiate a mundane battle that may indicate to the Void Masters that Oberon discounts their continued existance. If the Void Masters believe that they have some surprise on Oberon, the initial moves with them during Pattern-repair may give Oberon small advantage. YMMV

3. His Children - Oberon does not believe that Brand acts alone, and cannot afford to believe so. Perhaps the most serious danger to contemplate while repairing the Pattern is the knife in the back from one of his children. He sends most of his children to Chaos, because he does not have a certainty of who may be in league with Brand. Oberon carefully selects the few amberites who will be nearby while he works. Gerard in Amber. Fiona at the Primal Pattern as he begins (though she is sent away as well, with special instructions which come to bear later at the Abyss.) YMMV Oberon is a man that doesn't even trust his own shadow.

(well, doesn't that sound like the guy who plays hardball through the whole series?)

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