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July 25, 2003

Morgenstern, a Few Calculations

Lost and Found: South Wing Annex:
Morgenstern: a few calculations
Okay, I'm indulging in too much knowledge of horses and an urge to do math here. 'Morgenstern was six hands higher than any other horse I'd ever seen...' —-Corwin (NPiA, ch. 4)

A horse is a horse, of course.

This is absolutely wonderful. And high praise from Rikibeth on top of that!

I'd say your 'size' examples are right on the money.

Things get stranger from there. Whether one cares to chase scientific logic or philosophical logic is a matter for each afficianado. Your chase using Earth data makes damn fine reading.

Take this line of reason:
::If Morgenstern is 33% larger in every respect (18 becomes 24), then he is 2.35 times more mass than the normal horse (at about 800) so he does have a very good chance of weighing 1880 pounds.

But only if he is not structurally and philosophically made of sterner stuff.

Even if we assume that Morgenstern is bulletproof due to arcane integrity, we must credit that a "horse" could only move at those speeds and manage such mass (as a thoroughbred does at less than half the weight) if that "horse" were made of sterner stuff.

Let us say, twice as stern, ie Chaos rank. :) Then he weighs 3760 pounds.

It is not imprudent to imagine that Morgenstern can better the stride rate (he is twice as strong and vibrant) by anywhere from 50% to 100%. Leading to a near two-ton animal moving at somewhere between 150 to 220 mph at top speed.


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