in the Shadow of Greatness


July 11, 2003

Joining HoC

House of Cards Log: New Player: Arref with generous terms and an understanding posting sched, I'm joining the infamous HoC game as a young, impressionable Seaward lass named, Celina. (IE browsers will note the Rebma opacity tricks with images.) I've done cameo roles in other games, notably "On Her Majesty's Service" and local F2F games in Pittsburgh—-but I've seldom gone beyond cameos because of first-line commitments to my other online games, "Strange Bedfellows" and "Age of Retribution". Having lurked the HoC OOC chatter, then the actual posts for a while, I'm expanding into the Celina role. It will also creatively open that door to Rebma in another campaign venue, as I first did in "Wizard in the Attic" with Sserella.

And for more mischief, there will be a hush-hush game for adults: "A Grand Affair." Viewer discretion advised.

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