in the Shadow of Greatness


June 25, 2003

ACN 2003 Gaming Plans

ACN gamebuilding Must build ambercon north games! suggestions welcome on these rough plans:

one- Agents of the Argent Rose - City That Never Sleeps ...You have been asked to go with Corwin to New York City, America, where the Statue of Liberty is being rededicated. Public purpose, entertain the Americans out of their isolationist policies. Private purpose, spend a night on Broadway and keep gran-pa-pa out of trouble.

two-Five Sides to Every Story ...there's certainly five folks at ACN who haven't played this one yet

three- In the Shadow of Greatness ...War comes to Umbra. Princess Eerie is dead in battle. Corvidae is returned and may take the throne, but she has called the Family to an emergency conference in the Library. Do you support Corvidae? Or perhaps some other candidate? But before the meeting really starts, Corvidae proposes an interesting gambit: a joint effort to Trump the missing Princess Break.

four-Bloody Grievance: Legacy ...Your father, Oberon, is a determined man carving a kingdom out of a beautiful wild country. In the Restless Sea, Oberon's ally and best friend, Lir, has gathered the Lost Sea-Tribes of the Athanor. On Kolvir, foundations for a stronger, grander fortification are underway. In the forested range of western mountains, the marauding Dragon, Arden, forays into the outlying precincts of Amber. Cymnea is in labor, Oberon at her side. Benedict, age 10, and Osric, age 5, have vanished. So has Dworkin. The Dragon Arden has been extremely agitated since the battle that destroyed the volcano—-is this some sort of vengeance? Or have those odd Chaosians kidnapped the boys? Find out. Find them. And don't be late for the party celebrating the birth of Oberon's new son, to be named Finndo.

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