in the Shadow of Greatness


June 18, 2003


Blog, Jvstin Style: Regency: "Now, though, now that pe
ople have got me to think about it—just who is Regent in Random's absence. A jazz, fun loving King, I can't see Random remaining in the Castle 24/7/365."
Follow-up: Yeah, this item has come up several times as a political "football" IMC. Who stands in for Random? Who has the power of the Regent? Random thought Gerard would be fine, since Oberon himself appointed him. Gerard turned it down for reasons which remain mysterious. Martin was the obvious choice at that point, but was already heir to Rebma and not too keen on Random and largely off in Shadow. So Random left the matter open—naming no one in effect. Benedict didn't approve of that, and later found a way to point out to Random that Oberon tried "naming no one", and how well did that work? So Random elected Benedict, who turned it down flat. Reasons: mysterious. Random tried Corwin. Turned down. Reason: got a pattern to look after. Random wouldn't go to Bleys, no way. Offered it to Caine, who considered the matter for a time—-then Caine was assassinated by Rinaldo. Random turned to Vialle, who had a proven degree of trust with the King at this point. Vialle turned it down. Reasons: mysterious. Random didn't seriously consider Fiona or Llewella or Florimel. Or his sister, Mirelle. Or Julian. Reasons: "bitches all." Starting to get a bit "friggin' frustrated" with this whole Regent thing, Random realized he had really run out of choices... and that wasn't a good thing either. One long weekend conversation with Benedict later: Julian became Regent of Amber. Reasons? Mysterious. But he was good at it as it turned out.

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