in the Shadow of Greatness


June 17, 2003

Coveting Amber

Coveting Amber If the royals, with their increased will, ego and experience have a love/covet relationship with Amber; how much might other folk be affected by visiting the Eternal Realm? Is that increased by drinking the water and eating the food? By experiencing the sunsets or the clarity of a winter morning? Does Amber invade the senses?
Or do royal senses run richer, see more clearly, feel more deeply? Or are both and all true? IMC :: In My Campaign (see Blog, Jvstin Style: Tir, The City in the Sky for sample meme) While the Chaosians have no fervor for Amber's delights (in fact, have found it a painful place to wage war or partake of simple guesting), and the scions of Darrheabarr, the Empire of the Gleaming Banner, seem immune to the draw of Amber, the land is not without its attractions. There is a long history to Amber —- and many forms of coveting its precincts and power. Amber was not freely won from its first day of existence. The Lords of the Living Void contested and railed at its creation. What power or change did they seek to stop Dworkin from fulfilling? And as Amber became more an environ and less a sudden island in the sea of night, there were others who came to its shores. Beings of Power who were intrigued by this anomaly. At a time when Oberon and Dworkin were hard-pressed to pitch a tent and find daily needs, there were already Things creeping in out of Shadow. Amber has dealt with that aspect ever since. All roads lead to Amber. Paths of Air, Water, and rough Earth. Even Fire has been mentioned before as a hidden path into my Amber. How does such a small family protect it? How do those largely arrogant of a greater universe (as we find our royal cast when Corwin is returning to Amber in his story) watch and ward themselves against fantastic Things From Beyond? Well, they don't do it all at once. Someone lays the foundation. Blood must be added to the mortar. Someone else pays the price. Then pays again. And again. Until as a 'modern' Amber, folks live in abundance with easy confidence in the ability of the royals to look after the Land. Oberon: father to forty-something children. Amber: created of lightning, blood, and lyre. The Unicorn brought the Lightning. Dworkin brought the Blood. Oberon brought the Lyre. The mortgage has ever been paid by the scions of Amber now long past and forgotten. Those Born of Amber—fed by its fertile ground that is enriched by the blood of many sons and daughters of the Pattern—are bound to it. And those Things Out of Shadow who treasure its beauty or power... bind themselves as a mythic dragon to its hoard. I use this meme whenever a Character returns to Amber (realizing how nothing quite compares to being back) and when certain Others see it for the first time. By contrast, many elite of the Golden Circle are sometimes quite un-impressed when they see Amber for themselves. It is a fact IMC that some of the Golden Circle states are much more splendid to either look at or in their 'modern' sophistication of culture/science.

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