in the Shadow of Greatness


June 12, 2003

Campaign Expansion

Amber :: campaign continuity/expansion :: Two Here are elements I've used to expand the cast, not all of these became PCs

  • A son of vanished Osric :: King of his own shadow, and politically aligned with outsider views of Amber
  • A daughter of the conspiracy to replace Deirdre during the Patternfall War; the Chaosian spy nearly became Deirdre for a time (dangerous to shape as an empowered being), and became pregnant while in Amber (and delivered a daughter who favored Deirdre as well.)
  • A family line descendant from Oberon before he left the Courts in exile
  • A daughter of Oberon's who died on the Pattern before Rilga was queen
  • A daughter of Oberon's who died in battle before Llewella was born
  • Three children of Corwin's from his explorations of the Argent Pattern
  • A family line descendant from Lora, Sandmorel, and Delwin
  • A long-vanished fraternal twin of Llewella, to save Moins and Llewella from arcane complications, the stronger fetus was placed into stasis by Rebman magic prior to delivery (Llewella: so sad, so lost, so lonely)
  • A family line descendant from an assassinated son of assassinated Caine
  • Several and sundry sons/daughters of unexpected bouts of fertility :: a la the Merlin method
  • A son of a Princess determined to have a child without anyone else's help
  • A daughter !inspired! by a suggestion from the Unicorn
  • An unknown orphaned son of Martin's from a mother who committed suicide
  • Four children of Oberon by Deela :: the femme fatale of which all others are but shadows
  • A daughter of a young Amberite manipulated into the boudoir by an enemy of Amber; then raised ignorant of her Amber heritage

Most of these generated a lot of personal stories for the campaign. One can note a theme of my campaign, that there are destinies that twine about the legends of each Elder and recurr. Paulette's line is entwined with suicides (Zelazny hinted Paulette died thusly, so did Morganthe.) Oberon's daughters seem to stay away from marriage. Caine kills a close shadow of himself, and history finds death dogging his line afterward. Corwin wins a kingdom in a fey land, as he did Avalon, then Amber. Overall, these things have worked very well for the health of the campaign.

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