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June 5, 2003

Amber Bits: Fairytales for Wizards

MB&LK's Amber Bits: Fairytales for Wizards "When Dworkin was a little boy, what did he grow up believing?"

Party of one? Your table is ready."

Dworkin in the PatternFall War is a very different man. He's ill. He's hurt. And he's very old. Can he even remember his youth? If we mortals are poor reflections of these immortals, perhaps even Dworkin has forgotten the first impressions of culture that set him on his path in life. Or like an ancient bit of sculpture, do the details blur with time but the shape of things remain? What did he grow up believing?

That the Courts were supreme. That House Nemirab was an elite of Chaos. That his senior officers and Lords of the House were wise beyond his ken. That life was harsh, but power allowed defense. That the Self was submissive to the All.

Yes, in Chaos, the act of shaping establishes the theme: "I must alter myself because I do not have power over the greater All." Following from the above, there is no children's story, "The Three Little Shapers", where the industrious last Shaper overcomes the Howling Abyss by building a sturdier Ways. The last Shaper would triumph by following House Law and demonstrating his superior understanding of House protocols over his two brothers.

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