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June 4, 2003

Favorite Little Bits

I was asked recently by RT about my favorite little bits from past games. Since I did the research and thinking on this, I present it here as a handy linkage post.

Well, y'know you're *never* supposed to ask a GM to wax on his own creations —- but its too late, y'did.

I've been told many times that my "Dworkin" presentation is something to behold. I try to disguise how much that pleases me. I love my 'bits' that awe or give Players the jitters. There are lots of little bits of lore and specific creatures that can threaten an amberite.
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There is nothing quite like taking a tiny element of Zelazny and blowing on the embers until it glows and lights the eyes of Players.

Likewise, while many campaigns deal with the wives of Oberon (often making them powerful Chaos babes), I took a different approach, making Oberon seek his wives almost exclusively anywhere BUT Chaos. The reasons having mostly to due with staying as far away from Chaos as possible for as long as possible —- something to do with Chaos kicking his ass in a bad way. I had Oberon looking for dregs of power to match to his own blood for strength not dependant on Chaos antecedants. It seemed a natural extension of his many trips to shadow.

I enjoy my many twisty explanations for canon elements.
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Oberon picked his mates carefully—-for they determined much about his children. Is this a theme in many campaigns?—-I would think so. It is an undercurrent in Eternal City, a sub-plot, one that really doesn't come across on the web pages I've built. Variety in the sons/daughters of Oberon.

The solitary children of Cymnea.
The moody bitter offspring of Faiella.
The bright quick sibs from Clarissa.
The outcast daughter of Moins.
The all-around excellent sons of Rilga.
The strange daughter of Dybele.
The tortured offspring of Paulette.
The independant and brilliant children of Hara/Lora.
The slightly mad kids of Deela.
The innocent fluke of Kinta.
Where is Oberon in all of them? Mainly their toughness, their mental perspective, their ego it would seem. Few of them seem to have Dworkin bits in the mix either.

Hmmm. "Dworkin bits."
Now with extra vitamins and more FIBER!!!
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I'm also inordinately proud of my layered history of the universe, as prepared for Empire of the Gleaming and as posed here in this essay.

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