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May 29, 2003

Questions About Season 7?

Buffy Rides Into the Sunset
Over on sue_donym's LiveJournal, we find: 7 Questions I'd Like to Ask Joss About Season 7 I'll try this:

  1. Why DID you introduce the point about Buffy being the origin of the disruption that allowed the First to rise? I really wanted to know more. Don't write a "gun on the fireplace mantel" unless you really plan to use it in the story.
  2. Giles was badly used by the revolving door of writers; as if he was a prop to be whisked in and out of the arc, a handy every-bad-adult prop. Was this a plan or just sloppy writing?
  3. If the First was tweaking Dawn from both sides of the "struggle to talk to Joyce's spirit", then what did It achieve except the shallow, "This time Buffy won't choose you," and what effect were you going for? Or was there again no plan?
  4. Are you satisfied with the rape subtext of so many episodes this season? A writer's plan or just exploitation of female characters for drama?
  5. How could all the characters be so "spot on" and sharp in the last episode after being so fuzzy and underused in the second half of the season? Your writing versus revolving door writers? Shame.
  6. You told the press that the last episode would "pull out all the stops", are you satisfied that you got what you imagined?
  7. Given your experiences on Buffy were mostly positive (and Firefly negative), are you going to stay with TV for a while or go to movies for a creative change of pace?
PS: Joss, the last episode was damn good considering. Nice exit.

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