in the Shadow of Greatness


April 29, 2003

IMC :: Chaos :: The Last Best Hope

"...the last, best hope for mankind. The Courts of Chaos." :: pull back to longshot :: against the blackshot riot of a multi-color space, we see small lights gleaming out of windows on the vast dark walls of a menacing series of fortresses ::
I draw my inspiration from the idea that the Courts of Chaos is the first successful defender of 'human' civilization. All others have perished over time. The Abyss has killed them all, one after the other, by leagues, by finger-widths, it has dragged those shadows into the Abyss and done away with them. Again and again.

But the Courts learned to survive and hold its own against the Abyss.

Now pass a hundred millenium, and you have the Courts as Zelazny describes them. Ossified in their own success. Ritualized in their fortress of learning.

Not too strangely, I've seen variant Amber games set up this way. The power and success of Amber played out a thousand years in the future. What do these games look like? Quite often—- a lot like the weird haughty Courts.

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