in the Shadow of Greatness


April 25, 2003

Mind Control in RPGs

Mind control. Domination. Stealing choices. Imposing will. No one likes it in an rpg. So if the genre has such a system, or the game mechanic is clumsy, what do you do? A running thread right now on the AML.

:: update :: I'm just giving Psyche its due. Warfare is scary. Strength is scary. Being poisoned by the Endurance guy is scary. Being pumped full of lead in the first thirty minutes of a con slot is absurb.

Been there, done that. But which is worse? Being a "meat puppet" with a chance for vendetta somewhere in the game? Or being dead by Warfare or Strength? Is it Psyche action that makes you crazy or the fact that someone might get away with it without *flags* telling you it is happening?

I really want to know.

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