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April 10, 2003

Attribute Conflicts

Attribute Conflicts
I haven't talked recently, or perhaps ever coherently about Attribute conflicts. Well, actually I have, but who remembers these things? What I haven't hit hard is that in order to make each Attribute conflict possible and accessible to the Player, you and the players have to build/adapt a vocabulary or elements that can be manipulated by the Character. I've said elsewhere that there are canon examples of being a great Warfare gal, or a wicked cool Psyche man, or a buff Strength royal, but that Endurance has a lack of visualization and terms. That isn't quite right. What the preceeding fails to realize is that we are all regular folks... and there aren't great terms for any of the Attributes except Warfare and Strength —- and most of those terms will be destructive. What's a standard unit of Psyche violence? Ka-pow? But everyone knows what a ton of dynamite means (if not what it actually can do.) Pretty sad, but that's the way the world works. My point? Well, I spend a lot of time building terms with Players so that they can grab ahold of the universe through their BEST Attribute and make changes, get involved, and go kick some ass. Attributes are not equal unless you can make as many cool choices in each as you can imagine. Building these terms usually involves an introductory period to metaphoric environs. I introduce the Character to the world through the vision of their Attribute, or their Power, or their skillset that is the most important to them. Then later on those "virtual elements" might become even more symbolic and useful to quick play choices.
(thanks to Tony LB on the AML for this post inspiration.)

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