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March 6, 2003

Most Significant

the Science Fiction Book Club gives us the Most Significant SF & Fantasy Books of the Last 50 years Top 50 :: and how they got the list is anyone's guess... saw this first on Jvstin's pages. I thought it might be interesting to give a brief on which ones I haven't read and/or why:

6. Neuromancer, Gibson: there is something awful about cyberpunk when done in the gritty, "who cares, life sucks" style, and for some reason, that's what I sniff about this one. Unfair, and I probably will read it someday. 9. Mists of Avalon, MZB: I like my MZB is small doses, like rich food. And here, she is taking on a myth that I've had my fill of. 11. The Book of the New Sun, Wolfe: ?I can't figure out why I haven't read this yet? 16. The Colour of Magic, Pratchett: I haven't read much of anything by Pratchett. They seem silly. 25. Gateway, Pohl: another that is a classic that I haven't picked up 27. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Adams: another silly I haven't done, but I might. 31. Little, Big, Crowley: mystified... sounds familiar but never tempted. 33. The Man in the High Castle, Dick: intriguing title, don't know it. 36. The Rediscovery of Man, Smith: I might have read this and just not remember. I know I've read lots of Smith. 39. Ringworld, Niven: again, I like Niven in small doses. Just haven't gotten to it. 40. Rogue Moon, Budrys: think I've read this, but not sure. 43. Snow Crash, Stephenson: cyberpunk? seems like it is filed that way in my head. 48. The Sword of Shannara, Brooks: Ok, I've read Brooks, and some of his stuff is ok, but no way am I going to read this. Does this belong on the list? 49. Timescape, Benford: puzzled. Don't know it.
So there it is, 36 read, 14 skipped for various reasons, none of them very strong. I am at once, surprised that I've read that many and curious if some listings (Like Brooks, Pratchett, and Gibson) are just nods to sales rather than significance.

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