in the Shadow of Greatness


February 28, 2003

Demonologists in Chaos

Demons of the Abyss
As is the case with the guilds of Healers, Shadowmasters, and Trump artists, the Chaos guild of Demonologists is a weak and non-political organization. While their members are sometimes consulted by House lords, it is more often the case that specific traditions of demon calling and handling are kept secret within each House. The guild also supports current archeology projects within the Courts. As with the other guild systems, it is only the Chaos persons not supported by their House, or seeking a retreat from House traditions that join, or are allowed to join, this ancient guild. The reference library of the guild is said to contain a few volumes of lore more than a hundred-thousand years old. Chaosians do not recognize any moral issues to the use of demons and such relations are considered equal measure between parties. Depending on House protocols, demon servitors may be more honored than any family retainer. The Church of the Serpent has no religious opinion on the matter, certainly as long as the traditions of barter and honor are upheld.

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