in the Shadow of Greatness


February 25, 2003

Games in the Future!

Blog, Jvstin Style started a meme: Other games to run, someday and Claire jumped in with a good one. I have two I've been kicking around.

Hung Upon the Tree of Matter: story set in the Chaos of long-before-Amber. Time and Life itself are running down, the Universe is about to perish, the Courts of Chaos have exhausted their resources in the fight to maintain civilization against the Abyss. Now the House of Lords reaches an ephiphany with the arrival of the Serpent. A church is being formed with the faith to stave off armageddon. Players take roles of the Heads of Chaos Houses. Possibly a "talking heads" game. What happens next?
And Then There Were None: Everything is lost. Amber is the last fortress of power in the universe. Chaos is fallen. Shadow is eaten. The ancient powers once constrained by Dworkin have waited for millenia and now the Eternal Realm's days are numbered. The Final Battle claims all the Player Characters. All glory is dust-- but wait-- there is an afterlife! What happens next?

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