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February 25, 2003

IMC :: Relationships in ATEC

...and final tweaks to the Relationships page at ATEC... And as I consider: Most of these relationships were all revealed in campaign (in other words fabrications) without much basis in the Zelazny canon, yet our Players find the relationships essential in understanding my versions of the Elders.
What does each relationship do for the meta-game?

  • Tatasha: links to the Patternfall war and Weir backstory in addition to placing Evander as a threat to Random's reign; gives personality to a key dead Elder
  • Vivant: established that there are other ways to break Julian's infamous control; intro'd younger NPC Shapir at same experience level as Players
  • Lorelei: established vibrancy of Argent Realm; allowed GM to exclude Corwin from ongoing campaign story
  • Vialle: canon Zelazny
  • the Owen: Gerard starts the game as the most eligible prince; in due course, this woman explains something essential about him
  • Audrey: all too often, games define Fiona through her brothers and/or the Chaosian men who are attracted to her; in my Amber, no one is frigid
  • Carmella: canon Zelazny with a twist; Carmella celebrates the canon, and shows just how much Corwin didn't understand about his sister. Remember the line, "I have decided that it is improbable that she will answer the door." —-and yet she did?
  • Leila, Duchess, Roxanne, Aether, Iko, and yes, there are others: whether it is true or not, Bleys appears to be better at everything than any other prince
  • Kent: he stands in for the noble families of Amber, his viewpoint addresses minor court issues and native Amber understandings of the royal family
  • DeWinter: he represents big mistakes of the past, in particular, mysteries unsettled about Oberon; he further opens issues of Dalt and the importance of Broken Pattern and Bad Stuff to the story
  • Salat: she is everyman; an ordinary gal with spark and wit who reaches for the stars; she is a ghost of violence, having died within Castle Amber
  • Selsienna: she is the "pawn" of conniving enemies of Amber; a story-placemaker that shows that even the royal heart is not safe from attack
  • Beth: she is the dream of trust, friendship, and the nod to the infinity of shadows of desire; she is tragedy

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