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December 20, 2002

Background on Amberite Parent Quiz

Amberite Parent Quiz And since I didn't expect to get Dworkin, I'll take a moment to explain how I structured the quiz. I tried to build affinities into the questions that didn't immediately call on things from the books, or elements of "Elder Typecasting". I felt this would make responses less "directed" and more reflective of the whims of the person responding to the quiz. Some questions are more successful than others... and I might revisit the design over the holidays, looking to add more Q&A on the theory that many of the questions address less than half of the possible Elder results. Obviously, my own bias of how the various Elders might treat or correspond to children is inherent in this. Also, it was a case of how "easily" could I make a distinction between Elder 'affinities' without being blatant about it. That was easier with some results than others. Each answer has at least one "keyword" that relates specifically to an Elder. The eleven questions have 86 'answers'. Oberon is the most likely result, since he figures in the most answers and he was also 'easiest' to draw distinctions about. While Delwin is the least likely result because there are only three answers that refer to him, and you would have to scatter your other eight answers among the Elders in order to not exceed the three Delwin responses. Delwin should be the least, since we know the least about him. All in all, it was an interesting amusement. I'm intrigued at some of the feedback. And as to the surprises... I assume that I managed to surprise myself because trying to match my childhood against the questions was an entirely different experience from conjuring the affinities of the Elders and how they might react to children. Basically, if the keywords are true, and my answers are true to me, I got the result that is most like the way my own childhood worked. IMHO, I expected to get Llewella... but perhaps I learned something. Exclusive expose: the entire list of answers here.

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