in the Shadow of Greatness


September 16, 2003

Passel ap Morelwyn

Grand Affair: Rebman Delegation
Passel ap Morelwyn
Sometimes, a voice just blooms quickly in an rpg. You begin with the notion that there is an attitude, or a stance that is likely. The character wants to breathe—but needs opportunity to 'give and take' with other PCs etc. in order to become organic to the process of finding that voice.

As it turns out, the GMs decided to put a few PCs in an advantaged start position... a dressing room in the posh clothier, Maison Worth. Excellent choice. This combination with some sparky 'give and take' has really brought my new character to life.

It's even promising to pick up speed, now that a few more 'younger' gals have 'crashed' the dressing room of Francesca and Passel. There are laughs, winks, and some interesting eye contact already.

Much fun.

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