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November 27, 2002

Levels of Expectation

Surfing Off to find out what this is all about...

From Angel Mills: I'm looking around, and seeing the vastly different levels of expectation, and I wonder, as the poles become more polar, what's going to happen? If I can't read a week's worth of posts in hour or so and post once or twice a month, then the pace will be too much for me.

Ah, interesting comments on BÍte Noire here:

From Jenn: Loose Threads and Open Letters
I am going through and archiving my contributions to BÍte Noire, along with any replies or information that my character would have heard or noted. (If you haven't done this for your stuff, you might think about it...)
mea culpa
I have things to work out with Jvstin on the confrontation between two old friends: Tynan and Lusus. Haven't done a thing yet, as the current RL flurry keeps me busy and the BÍte Noire server has the flu. ::grin::

I admire the game as it has come into focus, respect the character creations done, and believe that this is a sterling example of a low-stress game-form that other folks might like to "learn". One or two posts a month was the premise, and we have both exceeded this and fallen below it in the first year of the game.

The word-passion of the various creators impresses me. Yet I can see that it overwhelms, too. Imagine tyying to keep up with it without Moveable Type's amazing categories and database . . . or you don't have to imagine it, just try and read "Cave of Sleepers". It is almost an impossible task.

As Zelazny showed us— loose threads of plot actually make the whole thing more real. I don't want to reach any conclusions too quickly, as this game is too good to "scar" with a hasty judgment. I want to go on, but I can't promise much more than one or two posts a month. I expect this will still allow for the weaving story-nature that I and other players love so much.

Yes, there are different expectations. Perhaps each player could share their minimum post rate, so that Characters don't tangle themselves up with Characters who are posting at very different speeds? My own is one::two per month.

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