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November 22, 2002

The Continuing Saga of VialleVision

House of Cards Log: GMing: the continuing saga of VialleVision!
I've been watching this VialleVision stuff with continuing amusement... and certainly I've dealt with the whole "hey, there's an important character with lots of 'screen time' who's blind, try not to forget that" campaign issues. You guys might be over-reacting to your flubs. Some points to consider:
1. Notes to the queen; hey, she can have attendants, or a personal secretary, or etc. who can read her notes. This isn't either historically out-of-line, or a breech of royal privilege. If sensitive info gets out, who ya gonna throw in the dungeon? Right, so the queen picks a young woman who can go everywhere with her. Someone who understands the seriousness and confidence of her position. Isn't there some good NPC value to that? It also saves on translating all those books and records into braille.
2. Vialle has been blind a long time. How did she get along as a part of Moire's court? What sort of everyday things did she have to compensate? Be creative, the Rebmans are more familiar with magic than the amberites are.
3. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Vialle has not been blind since birth. She *would* look at people who are talking, she would *glance* at sounds, or stare at things she was holding in her hands... these are reflexes that she wouldn't lose just because they no longer are meaningful. Furthermore, in Amber, where the eyes are Psyche emitters/receivers, there is something to be said for Vialle not being able to see Light and Color, but who's to say there isn't something else she *does* see? Hmmm?
I use that one to give her a bit more mystery IMC.
After all, in canon, she does use Trumps.

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