in the Shadow of Greatness


November 19, 2002

Martin's Story

House of Cards Log Apparently the Martin problem is universal.

Here's another Martin story.

After you've been tangled in plots of Chaos, Amber, and Rebma for a few decades, you get away from it all and try and find out who you really are. You're Martin, heir to Rebma and Amber.

Martin in my Eternal City has the old girlfriends, the crazy past, the wild parties, the neglected role as Heir to the reflected kingdoms. Martin was a great host of visiting Youngers. Knew great places to hang out. Great ability to make folks comfortable. And one gal pal who stuck by him through every girlfriend, every party, every new experience that Martin tried on for fit. She plugged-in when a new music trend grabbed his interest. She danced the clubs until her shoes gave out. She was his bodyguard, lover, live-in housekeeper. She could rumble with the best. She could keep up with any amberite. She could kick ass better than Martin. She never grew old or questioned her boss' strange relatives. In fact, visiting Youngers in the campaign got to know her and like her for her loyalty and great sense of humor.

She was an android, rebuilt from scratch by Martin.

She was the perfect companion. Martin knew he could trust her. He'd programmed her himself. And Martin actually fell in love with her. Random didn't like it. He mentioned this to Martin on occasion. They argued, but Random never pressed very hard. And there was no way she could ever come to Amber, because there, she was just two hundred and thirty pounds of immovable junk. Of course, was Martin really in love? Or was he in love with the idea of a completely dedicated, trustworthy lover? Family wondered. So did he, though his respect for his gal Friday precluded talking about it openly. Her intelligence and affection for Martin were never in question. Martin's didn't seem to be either. She understood how he might disappear for years at a time. She valued him more than her own life. She even knew that he wasn't completely happy with the fact that his family probably considered her a toy; a psychological prop to ease the pain of Brand's attack on Martin's confidence and his damaged sense of intimate relationships. A talking vibrator. A shadowy exercise in self-love. Despite that, with a grin and a shrug, she loved him and kept him safe. Unroll five years . . . forty years of the campaign. The relationship kept working. It became part of accepting Martin. Amid the various troubled relationships of the family, Martin and his love were steady and sure. Martin quietly began some serious investigations of what it might take to make her trans-shadow. Sadly, that's not how it ended.

She's buried in her own sepulcher on Kolvir in the royal cemetery. The funeral was well-attended. King Random did the eulogy. There were a lot of tears. And the Players used a lot of tissues as well.

Good-bye, Beth.

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