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September 23, 2003

Bloody Grievance :: ACN :: the blessings of great players

The Glimmering Green: ACN Report "Arref's Bloody Grievance was just amazing. Amazing. Arref doesn't really have to do much, he just winds us up and off we go. The set up for the next game is just conflict-ridden and lovely."

I have so much to thank the Players for in this particular series. Glen and all for asking for part two—even though most didn't make it back. Julia F for taking the role of the eldest (surest to die) Elder and making a pivotal role out of it. Many others for showing up and making pregen Characters just sing with intensity.

And that's just the first year of thanks...

In the second year, the scions of Oberon actually started to become Characters that I liked a lot. We got to see reactions and relations under the intense pressure of Chaos' regard. We got to see folks rising up under an impossible situation. It really rocked to see this concept become so passionate in the hands of the Players.

Year Three of Bloody Grievance was supposed to be less intense— no, not with these Characters. They are Large. I love every one of them.

So much so that it was some shock Saturday morning, post game, to remember that they all die. I don't want to be there when they go down... For five minutes, I wrapped my head around the idea of these amazing folks who give everything to what they believe in—for Amber, for themselves, even in some cases for Oberon— are not even remembered by Corwin.

It was achingly sad.

And for some fifteen seconds—I realized what it might be like to be the father that watched them perish one by one.

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