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September 23, 2003

ACN :: 2003 :: recap

So I actually missed slot one.
But... my RFL got to go with me. Small price to pay for added context and oomph to our 20th anniversary celebration! Toronot Toronto was terrif!

Slot Two :: Five Sides to Every Story
The mystery game first tested at ACN returned at 2003. Every five players make this a new mystery of action and tension. This time around, the group separated several times and still were effective against the opposition.

And one Player guessed ahead of time where it was all headed. A very good time. Much laughs and good adventure.

Slot Three :: Life, the Universe, and Everything
a narrative style game, quite interesting, that gained momentum as we shared out our turns. We six Players were gods 'creating' the opening moves of sentience and civilization. I took a lot of notes, and folks were challenged constantly to keep up with 'events' taking place across centuries of game time. Some similarities to what I've read of 'Baron Munchausen' and it worked quite well.

Slot Four :: Bloody Grievance: Legacy
other comments elsewhere—
This return to the (ahem) 'dawn of Amber' was quite exciting this year, even though the plot was designed to be laid back (last year was the armageddon story.)

So with a larger cast than before, we plunged into the tension of shoring up Amber's defenses while working out the end of the ragtag forces of House Nemirab. Great Character portraits. Really 'sticky' PCs (a concept of which I will say more elsewhere.) The time flew by and yet we got to more story than I expected.

The game continues to revolve around Oberon's handling of events—but each Child is a key to another puzzle of how Amber survives. Really, really cool to watch it move along.

Slot Five :: on the town

Slot Six :: Agents of the Argent Rose: City That Never Sleeps
New York, America, and the agents were in good form. Tip top form.
Travel is a great story when you're from Argent France, so as in other games, we had adventure even in getting from France to America.

Then fun contrast as America reacts to the elegant and, oh so photogenic members of the Fenneval family. Parties, dancing, and publicity. Also mismanaged identities, missing cousins, historical guest stars, and a completely shocking split to the plot which sent Grandpa Corwin off on a cross-country motorcycle race when he was supposed to be at the Statue of Liberty.

Damn fine stuff. Great Players.

Slot Seven :: Blaze of Glory: Fire and Ice
Surprises galore as I tried to "catch up" with this story from ACUS.
More action per minute than previous BOG entries—leading up to a nearly unbeatable foe! Sol had a steady GM hand on the action. Pretty cool.

As always, thanks to Craig, Ian, Jack, and anybody I didn't meet that made ACN work so well.

Many thanks to those who played with me in all games. Terrific!

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