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September 23, 2003

Must Have :: Sticky PCs

I've decided that I must have more sticky PCs in my games. No. I did not figure this out in A Grand Affair, though I'm sure that it will be important.

I figured it out at ACN.

Prowl hit me over the head with it—but it stuck—and I thank her very much. Y'see, in Amber games particularly, having a few sticky PCs is really important.

In Amber games, there is a whole lot of PC arrogance and independance required of the genre—but it doesn't preclude having the same PC be sticky. A game full of PCs with no stick generates no dynamic.

Sticky: how much does the PC really touch and affect other PCs? Just by being themselves?

If you find one or two PCs who are sticky—you can thread an entire session or game off them.

Example from Bloody Grievance:
Sierjna was sticky. Basque was sticky. They were NPCs this time around, but also lived as sticky PCs in earlier games. They really looked at other PCs, interacted strongly, and tried to affect them with some change. Morgenstern was sticky both times and played by different people.

This time around, Prowl was very sticky. She poked at other characters. She played with them. She went to share information. She asked opinions of folks, or just, "What are you doing?" Prowl has curiousity that will get her killed—but it makes for a very sticky PC.

It promotes the ebb and flow between story elements. It facilitates drama. More of the PCs were sticky this time than in the previous two games. Next time around—I expect even more of the PCs to be sticky. They are primed and ready.

Argent Rose saw a game this year where almost every PC decided to be sticky.

In A Grand Affair, Benedict is not sticky. I like the character—but he is about as unsticky as they come. His backstory is one of keeping arm's length from other Characters. I will have to work to make Benedict helpful to others as a story foil.

Passel should turn out to be very sticky. She is curious despite her experience, funny despite her serious nature, and entertaining despite her edgey attitudes. She likes people and isn't restricted from having some fun. She may not do well at the Grand Affair, but she really ought to be sticky.

One way or the other.

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