in the Shadow of Greatness


September 25, 2003

A Grand Affair :: Benedict post Blue Room 'ambush'

A play sample of a slightly more sticky Benedict. Working on it... it is worth noting the small details that Benedict and Caine share in their everday use of doors... (snicker)
The hallway carpet runner muffles the soft fall of Benedict's boots as he pauses outside of a familiar door. The warmaster's fingers play a percussive tune on the leather belt at his hip. The prince steps forward—twisting the lever handle upward, then down twice, he moves into his personal quarters.

The figure leaning over the chess board does not turn. "How did it go?"

Benedict closes the door softly behind. "As anticipated—both are crafted to such a degree it was difficult for them to have a reaction that was not conflicted. Dara did better than expected for a while—then she just ran out of emotional energy. Merlin was actually quite calm. He made a good showing."

"He has much promise."

"Only if given some room to grow."

"Will he get that time? You didn't mention Martin."

Benedict gestures loosely with his left hand, a motion wasted behind the other's back. "Martin spent most of his worry beforehand. The afterworks with Merlin will tell the tale of that future."

The other straightens. "They need each other, those two." Then he points with a flip of his wrist. "Queen's bishop to—."

"—knight's six. Yes."

The one turns and the two share a smile.

"Julian is in the castle." A hand raised then to the chin almost hid a smile.

Benedict lifts an eyebrow. "Really? Well, I need to see Random. Perhaps I'll just—-."

"Yes. I think Julian would appreciate that. Try Caine's office."

A slender hand on the door lever. "You should rest. There'll be much to do tomorrow."

The only response is a negligent wave.

Benedict departs and shortly finds himself a floor down and in another portion of the castle. He studies the lever handle of the door to Caine's office—then taps lightly about waist high.

The door is opened almost immediately by a nondescript man of middle height, with an eminently forgettable face. "Prince Benedict," he says with a bow when he sees who it is. "Prince Caine's office is always open to you."

"If my brother has a moment, Smythe, I have news for him," replies Benedict.

So he turns and leads the way to the door to the inner office, and taps twice, pauses, then taps once, and then opens the door. "Prince Benedict," he says, before fading away.

"Thank you, Smythe," Caine says. He smiles lazily at his elder brother without rising.

Benedict enters, tugging the door softly closed behind. His hazel eyes touch lightly upon Caine and then Julian in greeting.

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