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September 26, 2003

Blossoms, Wings, and Wood

Blog, Jvstin Style: Corwin's Pattern
Jvstin opens the box on his own ideas of Corwin's variant Pattern now that Chris has done his series brief.
(ed note: which is not done yet!)

Elsewhere, I admit that my "tossed off" idea of Corwin's tripartite myth foundation was not very well thought out. I like it—but it doesn't have a matrix of meaning attached in my mind.

What works for me:
Corwin is a poet, musician, and sentimentalist
Zelazny narrates Corwin's concentration and sensory feedback—

the smell of the blossoms, spring, renewal
the sound of the wings, energy, flight
the wood of Ygg planted is history of Oberon, plus the trees being an anchor of Corwin's image of the streets of Paris, organization and rhythm

...and if you have "Bloody Grievance" as a backstory to the Argent Pattern, the blood of Ygg is a significant addition to the mix.

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