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September 26, 2003

IMC :: Dragon

In My Campaign :: Dragon

Jenn and I were talking in Toronto about the Dragon Arden (from Bloody Grievance) and how dragons are used in Zelazny's canon. For instance, flights of dragons appear at Oberon's funeral. That suggests some old tie to the royal family.
IMC the True Dragons are Real. The variety of dragons is expressed in that no two look quite alike, and that each dragon chooses its manifestation and bindings of power.

Elements of Zelazny's canon are supported thusly:
  • macro to micro; there are Dragons, and there are shadows of dragons, and there are poor twisted visions of dragons
  • Primal beings have an influence on shadows around them
  • Regardless of parentage—a dragon becomes a primal being of its choosing. Destiny by choice. Dragons are all of a kind, but may show amazing eccentricity. So as individuals of Amber and Chaos are of a kind, but very individual
  • humans may be monsters; monsters may be human
  • there are things in the universe that do not think as we
Dragons are uniquely suited to understanding Primal Powers. It is what they are. The Blood of the Universe runs through these Creatures. The True Dragon, as opposed to the shadow-dragon, can move through shadow as easily as you or I move through air. Through experience, they can move through Shadow with a greater power or subtlety than a Royal of Amber.

IMC, there are Royals that have studied under Dragons for just that reason.

True Dragons are all of one family, but they come in the varieties that correspond to the Primal Powers themselves. Every dragon, in its youth, begins to choose which Primal its own nature will follow. This need not be as its parent, and often is not as youth likes to rebel. As they reach maturity, a True Dragon's nature and the power of that chosen Primal match for all time. The Dragon becomes as timeless and powerful as the Primal power can be when wielded by intelligence.

In fact, more powerful than any Prince/Princess of Amber. A Dragon can draw on Infinite Power. They do not burn in the excess of power. They luxuriate in it. Take any measure of ego backed by tremendous power and apply that to the personality of any Dragon. While a Dragon can be harmed, the destructive potential of a mature Dragon is such that even a single Royal of Amber would be foolish to attempt it.

But they cannot change their natures. They cannot be superior for knowing all things, for tasting from every cup of knowledge. They are what they are. A single beacon of primal power. A work of Art—self-made.

In a more 'modern' context, a Royal of Amber can learn things to surpass these amazing beings. A Dragon is an expression of the strengths, and weakness, of specialization.

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