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October 1, 2003

Cardinal Directions

Blog, Jvstin Style: Cardinal Directions

What is the furthest North you have ever been?
London, England, is 53 degrees N. So that looks like the northmost point. Seattle and Toronto are about 48.

The furthest South?
Probably that would be Montevideo, Uruguay.

The furthest West?
San Simeon, Hearst Castle, on the California coast is one of my answers. Bainbridge Island in Washington is the other. The map seems to say they are about the same.

The furthest East?
That would be the western coast of Turkey—barring I landed in an Aegean island further east.

The highest elevation?
Yow. That's hard. I suppose answering about plane flights is right out. Munich is only 1600'. But probably the highest is Kehlsteinhaus. Which is the famous Teehaus (Teahouse in English) which was built on Kehlstein Mountain in the Bavarian Alps by the Nazis as a gift to Adolph Hitler for his 50th birthday. Construction was completed by September 1938, seven months before the building was officially presented to Hitler as a birthday gift on April 20, 1939 by the Nazi party. Widely known to Americans as The Eagle's Nest, the house is one of the top tourist attractions in Bavaria and has long been a favorite place for American soldiers in Germany to visit.

1834 is the elevation in meters (about 5500'). Berchtesgaden is the name of the nearest town, located at the foot of the mountain.

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