in the Shadow of Greatness


November 13, 2002

Conversations With Dead People

Conversations With Dead People (link to spoilers) Last night, I almost didn't watch my taped episode of Buffy, tvs. Was that a bit of foreshadowing? Who knows?

Fact is the episode is powerful and eerie beyond much of what has come before. The Big Bad has arrived, face-to-face, and comes out swinging. It does big damage before the heroes really even see it coming, despite all the warnings from previous weeks. Dark. Very, very dark. Did I say recently that I hoped that little warning phrase wasn't going to dangle before us much longer? Credit to Joss' timing once again. The wait is over. The dark is here. "From beneath you, it devours" means everything it could have and more. Not many more clues were dropped, as the Big Bad is really going for the jugular right away. But I have my suspicions now, as a viewer (and a GM), exactly where this is going and what they are up against. And it is a perfect final Bad for the final season of Buffy. Man, I'm going to miss this show. BTW, Joss rambles on the future and present here at the - TV's cult hero.

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