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October 17, 2002

Visit to Tir

—- madeline wrote:
> I was wondering if there were any interesting themes, general types of
> situations, that any of you GMs had come up with so that a sudden visit
> to Tir needn't be utterly flying without a glider. Moreso than other
> random shit the players suddenly hit on to do, it seems like Tir could
> benefit from boilerplate kinds of scenes...

boilerplate from my campaign:
1. bloodlines: if the granddaughter PC of Eric is going to Tir, then she has a good chance of meeting the ghost of King Eric, who may have some choice words for her and want 'news' of Amber. This is specific to lines descending from dead folk, and only for PCs who already have some mystic interests. These scenes do not usually add plot, but they do add emotional story. Ghosts in Tir do not learn much from these conversations, you can have almost the same meeting the next time, ie, "Who is king now in Amber?"
2. dreams: if the perception backstory of the PC includes unusual mental perceptions, I may allow lateral connections through Tir to other realms. This scene is less substantial than the bloodline connection, but may lead to hints from someone who is dreaming about the Eternal City; or obsessing about it, such as enemies.
3. history: amberites are *notoriously* closed-mouthed about old family business, so many a scene becomes riveting when you see a young Benedict in argument with Oberon, or a young Fiona dressed in novice robes of the Church of the Unicorn. Of course, strange looks and likely no answers are forthcoming when you ask Benedict about things you've seen in Tir. These scenes are fun because they may give hints about early events and still be totally wrong.
(update: apologies to M)

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