in the Shadow of Greatness


October 7, 2002


fetch :: in many dictionaries, you won't see a difference, or understand my comments below about the confusion possible in this word. What's the first thing you think of? Why a verb, of course. Moving something from there to here, bringing something quickly. There is also a page of meanings that are quite dissimilar. An odder and older meaning is a doppelgänger. Basically something very arcane and dangerous that mimics a man. This was the meaning the Chaosians immediately took some umbrage at, since such an apparition is an outlawed arcane method of conducting war. That is, using a duplicate of an enemy leader to confuse matters on the field of battle is specifically prohibited in fighting between Houses of Chaos because of how essential the command of a Lord of Chaos is to the battlefield. This also ties in with the fact that my Chaosians warn shapechangers against attempting duplication of famous and powerful enemies. It has an excellent chance to drive the shaper mad due to stress of the Law of Correspondence in Chaos, that very magical place.

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