in the Shadow of Greatness


October 5, 2003

Corwin's Pattern Realm 7

this tragic glass: Inscribing Corwin's Pattern: Part Seven

Many of these thoughts resonate quite a bit with my images of the Argent Rose game.

True, there are some reversals and twists to what Chris projects, but His Tragic Glass shows things that are recognized fully in Argent Rose.

Corwin is not king there. He is the Rose Heir who stands aside. France, and the world, belong to the people and Corwin is the Citizen Defender.

His champions are his offspring and their children.

His home is beautiful. A palace that the kings of France could have dreamed only if they were visionaries.

Differing now, in Argent Rose, Corwin has had only one woman, a soulmate who absorbs all his time: Lorelei, the consort and mother of his three fine children. Perhaps not so strange, is that Lorelei is the daughter of She who might be the Faerie Queen, but in my game is called the Muse Queen. This alliance between Faerie and Corwin revolves around elements not yet revealed in the backstory.

And so there is magic, adventure, and other powers that gnaw at the peace and wonder that Corwin has created. But the young bloods are always ready to throw it back in defense of the Argent Realm.

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