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October 4, 2002

Quotes from ACN 2002

Quotes from AmberCon North 2002 Slot 6:: "The Bloody Grievance: Destiny" quotes are an interesting phenom . . . on the one hand, they are awfully specific to a mood and moment within a game world. Often that game world is impossible to reproduce again, because the players change, the interaction moves in another direction. on the other hand, Amber players are looking to have fun first, and while my ACN plot was quite serious in most respects, the quotes for this game crack me up precisely because they are tossed off in the face of calamity. A bit like Corwin's wry observations, I suppose, tho' so much less literary.
I think I appreciate Amberites as barbarians too much.
"We could vote." — Basque to the group, on how to decide who will be King of Amber followed by unprintable grunt and wide-eyed stare from every other player-character
But I was there, and my mouth said: "Everyone usually does mean everyone, but I haven't been everyone since forever." — Dworkin
While I barely remember saying this . . . I have to tell you it does make sense from Dworkin's point of view.
The oddest things happen when I'm playing Dworkin, but they all make sense.

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